Limousine Emergency Exits

Limousine Emergency Exits

You don't like to think about it because it will inevitably ruin your night, but without checking out the safety of your limousine, your night could end a lot worse. However, if you make sure that the limousine you are hiring is safe from the beginning, you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Quality limousines are just as safe as any ordinary car as even though they are often two or three times the size, they have been stretched, secured and completed by a professional coach builder who knows all about how to ensure the new stretched limousine is strong and safe enough for many, many rides. However, some limousines are so large and so stretched that they seem like they are really a bus, and sometimes they are.

While you are still hiring a limousine, with the class, style, elegance and chauffeur driven service you associate with a luxury limousine, some larger limos are actually registered as buses, or passenger carrying vehicles. This is because of their size, and because they are rated to carry more than the eight passengers allowed to travel in a standard limousine.

Therefore, in some areas, the safety laws also require that a larger party bus style limousine have multiple emergency exits in case of an accident. If you have ever ridden on a normal public transport bus, you may have noticed that the back window and a larger side window were marked as the emergency exits to allow passengers to get off the bus, if the main door is blocked.

So in some cases, it will also be required that party bus limousines have the same sort of emergency exits, so before you sign the contract for your limousine hire, make sure it conforms to all the necessary safety standards so that if there is - touch wood that there's not - an accident, it only affects your night, not your whole life.

For more information about hiring a limousine with the required safety standards in place, contact Limousine Hire London now.

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