Limousine Hire From A to B

Limousine Hire From A to B

New limousine licensing is usually targeted at the safety and the modifications of the larger, super stretch limousines. However, in January 2008 new licensing laws are looking at smaller limousines, ones which seat eight passengers or less.

Under a PSV operator's license, small limousines will have to comply with section 265 of the Transport 2000 Act which regulates journeys of over 15 miles. The 15 miles is measured in a straight line from the pickup point to the first stop or the first drop off point, and charged separate fares.

If the limousine ride starts and finishes at the same point, even if there is a break in the middle, the hire is classed under �tours and excursions' and is exempt from the 15 mile rule, however, separate fares would still apply. So for example, if passengers were to hire a limousine to take them from their home to an event such as the theatre or to a meal, and then hired the same limousine to take them back home at the end of the night, this sort of hire would be exempt.

The types of journeys small limousines make determine the PSV licensing and regulations they must adhere to. It is also important to determine whether these limousines are being used for private hire, or for hire to the public, and while the answer may seem obvious, the guidelines which classify private and public hire are not always so clear.

This is why it is important for your limo hire company to keep abreast of changes to limousine licensing laws, and make sure that if they change their operations or their limousines, that their licensing is still compliant. For more information about hiring a limousine from a limo hire company which is up to date with current licensing, contact Limousine Hire London now.

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