Limo Liquor License Varieties

Limo Liquor License Varieties

Some limo hire companies do not stock their limo bar because it is an expensive process to replace the alcohol after every trip, keep their stocks fresh and in the proper storage conditions, and not to mention having your passengers drinking while they are celebrating in a limousine can lead to a lot of spills, finger pointing and expensive dry cleaning bills.

However, those limousine hire companies who do allow their passengers to have a few drinks during their limo ride, may not actually have their own liquor license, or a liquor license for the individual limousine you are riding in. Therefore, the limousine hire company and the chauffeur are not licensed to serve you and your fellow passengers alcohol during your ride.

However, some limo hire companies will allow you to bring your own alcohol into the limousine and serve yourself, as long as the limousine has a divider between the passengers and the chauffeur. This of course also relies on all passengers being over the legal age limit, and the divider between the chauffeur and the passengers is to protect the chauffeur from the behaviour of the passengers while they are drinking, and to separate the alcohol from the driver to avoid drink driving issues.

Some limo hire companies will also ask that you show proof of purchase for the alcohol you are bringing into their limousines. Also, because of the need for a partition between the chauffeur and the alcohol consumption, if you are hiring a standard long wheelbase sedan limousine, you may not be allowed to bring alcohol into the limo at all.

So make sure that you don't take any of your limousine extras for granted as while sitting back and sampling from the limo bar may seem like a given, some limo hire companies like to avoid the hassle.

For more information about hiring a limousine with a liquor license in your area, contact Limousine Hire London now.

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