Getting a Limo Liquor License

Getting a Limo Liquor License

You may think that enjoying a drink from the limo bar is what happens in every limousine and is part of every limo ride. However, this is not always the case as the limousine hire company would first have to obtain a liquor license to be allowed to serve alcohol.

While you are not actually paying for the drinks from your limo bar, you are paying for the limo hire and as such paying the limo hire company and the chauffeur for the limo ride and everything which goes with it. Therefore, it is important to make sure you know the liquor licensing rules and obligations of your area and of your limo hire company.

Businesses who serve or sell liquor need to be licensed by their local authorities and there is also often a fee payable to obtain a liquor license, making it valid for twelve months. Also, depending on the particular area and licensing rules, those businesses or limo hire companies with liquor licenses will be fingerprinted, and have a background check run by the police before their license is approved.

While obtaining a liquor license can be a tedious and expensive process, it depends on the type of limo hire a limousine hire company regularly conducts, as to whether they need to pay for the complete license, or simply organise for a temporary license. For example, if the limo hire company mainly completes airport transfers and corporate limo hire, they are less likely to need a license to serve their passengers alcohol, as their passengers are likely to be on the phone or laptop and not sampling from the limo bar.

However, if the limo hire company specialises in wedding limo hire, and takes on a lot of hen and stag night parties, they are likely to need a license to serve their customers alcohol, as part of the part celebrations, or as part of a celebratory toast between the bride and groom.

For more information about the licenses and laws which bind your limo hire company, and to find a limousine with all of the necessary licenses to ensure a great night out, contact Limousine Hire London now.

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